Finally Portugal Online Poker & Online Casino Legislation At Last!

For the Government of Portugal online poker and other online gaming operations have taken a long time in coming. It wasn't so long ago that the Remote Gambling Association were expressing serious concerns over the governments intentions of charging between 8-16% in taxes, they felt it could seriously impede any progress.

For Portugal online Poker will present an opportunity for the country to raise much needed funds for the government, and on June 19, 2014 they finally approved a new bill that would regulate online casinos, online poker and online sports betting.

The bill finally put an end to years of speculation. It had been widely speculated that the country would regulate online casinos and online Poker by creating a monopoly controlled and run by the Santa Casa da Misericordia or The Holy House of Mercy, a Portuguese charity since 1498. The Government say they will be building an open market system providing licenses to online operators just as ones already in existence with other European countries such as Italy, France and Spain.

This new market will fall under the jurisdiction of the Inspecção Geral de Jogos or the Games General Inspectorate currently operating from within Portugal's Ministry of Tourism. Mesquita Nunes was quick to say they intend to reinforce things over the following months.

There will be a precise set of financial, administrative and technical requirements for operators who wish to apply for licenses to provide legal casino games to Portuguese residents. This will include a 250,000 Euro minimum capital share, and they will also be required to offer their gaming services via the use of a "dot pt" domain website.

Speaking further to the national media regarding Portugal online poker regulations, Mesquina Nunes explained that any company who wished to operate in the country's newly legislated market would also be required to be registered in Portugal as well as be established. The Secretary of State for Portugal insisted this was a crucial point in ensuring that taxes are paid and that Government has a strong handle on all operations. No projected revenue figures were offered "because it will depend on the number of companies that will obtain a license." Anyone care to venture a guess?