Casino Estoril Is The Place To Be Seen, Just Ask James Bond 007!

Folks constantly talk about Las Vegas and the amazing amount of casinos that one has at their disposal. It's quite true if one has never been, and it's quite incredible how they managed to change the whole theme of the place from how it looked back in the 70's, to what it is in the 21st century as well! What about Europe say Portugal for example, what do they have that a casino player can't find in Vegas? Is there any special place they could go to, if going on a European break? Yes, there certainly is, how about the Casino Estoril, the largest casino in Europe!

Estoril is a village in Portugal that is located just over 11 miles from the country's capital of Lisbon. When one enters the Casino Estoril, it is an experience one will forever treasure. This diverse entertainment and leisure complex, the largest in Portugal, is the height of European sophistication and has no equal anywhere else in the world.

When it comes to dining options one can discover the flavors of the Orient by paying a visit to the Estoril Mandarin Chinese restaurant, or perhaps one would prefer a light meal by popping into the Du Arte Lounge & Bar Americano. For a more relaxing experience one can cast their eyes over the Casino's Zero Lounge menu, or partake in the full nightly entertainment program that Casino Estoril offers, as well as all ones favorite table games or many slot machines to play.

For over half a decade the casino has been central for inspirational and delightful soirees. Who hasn't heard the name Bond, James Bond? Here it was that Ian Fleming creator of secret agent James Bond 007, based the plot for his first book Casino Royale. On this casinos' sophisticated and glamorous atmosphere.

Like James Bond, Ian Fleming was a Commander and intelligence officer for Britain's Royal Navy and was posted to Estoril in 1941. During the Second World War, it was well known for being a hot spot for dispossessed Royals and espionage agents, also wartime adventurers as well.

Because of the country's neutrality, Portugal's capital and surrounding area became a spying hotbed. The Allied spies would collectively reside at the nearby 5 star Palacio Hotel, and it would be here, in the now named 'Spies Bar', where Fleming would enjoy his "shaken but not stirred" brain numbing" martinis.

Francisco Correa de Barros, The Palacio Hotels manager for several decades, said the staff he met when he was younger remembered Fleming stay. He'd been dispatched to keep eyes on Colonel Popov the charismatic Yugoslav spy. The vodka-fuelled Popov was thought to be a triple agent and always showed up for meetings with Fleming surrounded by 3 beautiful women, something he would recreate for James Bond with his Bond Girls, based on Casino Estoril!